Ad Tech for Cannabis Retailers and BrandsA best-in-class digital advertising solution for retailers and brands to drive eCommerce at scale with measurable ROI.

Why JointCommerce?

Our data targeting solutions and ad technologies are optimized to help cannabis retailers and brands drive eCommerce sales.

We understand cannabis brands and retailers have limited advertising outlets. It's challenging to find the right audience which makes it difficult to drive awareness, increased website traffic, and online sales. 

At JointCommerce, our ad solution can help you solve with the following:

  • Performance display, mobile-first high-impact creative, video, OTT/Connected TV.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party cannabis data sets to reach known cannabis shoppers and canna-curious audiences.
  • First look mobile ad units that drive eCommerce sales.
  • Private curated marketplace of cannabis-compliant websites and app partners.
  • Transparent e-commerce sales measurement back to ROI.
  • Real-time self-service reporting dashboard that integrates all of your data and channel partners into a unified data warehouse.

  • Ultimately, our priority is to help you drive REVENUE.

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