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A best-in-class digital advertising solution for retailers and brands to drive eCommerce at scale with measurable ROI.


The leading digital advertising technology platform built to help retailers and brands drive e-commerce sales with measurable results


Our Mission

Welcome to JointCommerce, the premier consumer data, and performance digital advertising technology platform. We specialize in helping retailers and brands to drive online sales and achieve measurable results with programmatic omnichannel digital advertising.

With our cutting-edge enterprise ad tech solutions and AI, we combine the power of 1st party consumer data and innovative digital advertising strategies to deliver data-driven campaigns that resonate with your target audiences.

Discover how JointCommerce can revolutionize your online marketing presence and propel your business to new heights.

What We Do

JointCommerce delivers a best-in-class ad tech solution for retailers and brands to help unlock the full scale of programmatic advertising. We help you increase ROI and improve cost efficiency with transparent campaigns that deliver results. 

JointCommerce seamlessly integrates our proprietary technology with any eCommerce menu partner of your choice. JointCommerce's proprietary retargeting pixel re-engages ad viewers, website visitors, and cart abandoners to the last engagement point on your online menu to drive qualified shoppers down the purchase funnel to buy. JointCommerce's suppression pixel will also remove your existing customers from the targeting pool to ensure we only serve ads to new customers with lookalike modeling. Most importantly, JointCommerce's technology allows us to measure the online sales driven by our media.

Our team understands that knowing your target audience is the key to successful marketing. That's why we have developed an extensive database of qualified consumers that we use to help you drive online sales. Our consumer audience segments provide valuable insights into purchasing behavior, preferences, and demographics.

By leveraging our cannabis shopper database, JointCommerce helps tailor your advertising campaigns to specific segments of the consumer market, ensuring your message reaches canna-curious, lifestyle, and known purchasers at the right place and at the right time in specific locations with geo-targeted ads.

With our in-depth understanding of known cannabis consumers, you can craft highly targeted campaigns that help you drive awareness, engagement, customer acquisition, and retention to boost online sales.


We believe it’s important to be true consultative partners and align with your marketing goals to scope and build custom solutions.

We help you drive results with effective 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party cannabis data targeting, omnichannel personalized creative ad messaging, transparent measurement, and robust analytics and insights.

We offer strategies to help you drive new customer acquisition and sales retention. Retailers and brands can easily track eCommerce sales growth and manage campaign metrics with JointCommerce’s proprietary self-service reporting dashboard.

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